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MagicISO FAQs 

0001: How to combine 5 cd's into 1 DVD ?
0002: Does MagicISO save the teimstamp of every file on CD/DVD?
0003: why does the brown "NON-BOOTABLE" remain in iso image?
0004: How to slipstream Windows XP SP2?
0005: How do I make a bootable CD from multiple boot floppies?

0006: How do I make a bootable CD instead of bootable floppy?
0007: How to make iso image?
0008: How to unpack iso and unpack bin?
0009: How to convert .NRG to ISO?
0010: How to combine 5 SUSE Linux CD's into 1 SUSE Linux DVD?
0011: How to convert DMG to ISO?
0012: How to convert  ISO to DMG for Mac OS?








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