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How do I make a bootable CD from multiple boot floppies?

My version of XP uses 6 floppies to boot. My new machine does not have a floppy drive.

Can I make an install CD with the 6 floppies and the data CD?

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Please do the steps below to create multiboot CD.

>>Create multi-boot image
1. Run MagicISO
2. Click "Make Multi-Boot Image" button on toolbar.
3. Click "Add" button to create one bootable item.
4. Choose "Boot from bootable image file" and click "Next"
5. Insert the first bootable floppy disk into floppy driver.
6. Choose "From bootable floppy driver" and click next
7. Input the image file name into "save as" dialog.
8. Click "Save"
9. Input "1. Boot from 1st bootable image" into description of the bootable item, and Input 1 into "Hot Key".
10. Click "Finish"
11. Repeat from step #3 to #10 for creating other fives bootable items.
12. Click "Save" to save multiboot image to disk.(Ex. filename is c:\multi-boot.mbi)
13. Click "Close"
14. Click menu "File"->"New"->"Bootable CD/DVD image"
>>"Bootable Option" dialog will be popuped.
15. choose "From multi-bootable image file"
16. input "c:\multi-boot.mbi" into "From multi-bootable image file"
17. Click "OK"
18. Add files and folders you need into the iso file.
19. click "save".
20. Burn the iso file onto CD or DVD.


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