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I have a bootable floppy that was created by a program to update a computers bios. This computer does not have a floppy drive. So I need to basically make the bootable floppy I have into a bootable cd. If I can make an iso file that is an exact image of the floppy (boot areas as well) then I should be able to burn that to cd using any burning software. Can your program create this iso file for me?



Ok. Please do the steps below.

1. Run MagicISO.
2. Insert the bootable floppy disk into floppy driver
3. Click "Tools"->"Make Boot image from floppy disk" ...
4. Save boot image to c:\boot.bif (example only , you may choose other name);
5. Click "Save" to start make boot floppy image from floppy disk.
After successfully making boot floppy image
6.  Click "New"->"CD/DVD image"
7. Click "Tools"->"Load boot image"
8. Select "From bootable image file" and input c:\boot.bif into the edit below.
9. Click Ok
10. Click "File"->"Save" to save the iso image to c:\test.iso
Now start to burn iso image
11. Click "Tools"->"Burn CD/DVD with ISO".
12. choose CD/DVD-WRITER,input c:\boot.bif into CD image file and choose CD/DVD-WRITER SPEED.
13. Click "burn" to start.

If you have any question, Please let us know.
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