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Transferring contents of entire CDs through the Internet.

Often, you need to transfer contents of your favourite CDs to your friend. you may choose using regular mail to send your CDs. but most of people used to transfer contents of CDs to your friend through the Internet rather than regular mail today. MagicISO help you rip the contents from CD to ISO files, after you transfer the ISO files through Internet, your friend can use MagicISO to extract any files from them or burn the ISO files to CD. MagicISO can also open ISO images as if they were archives and extract any files from them, so you no longer have to waste a CD or time. Simply open the ISO image, select the desired files and drag them to the desktop or to Windows Explorer.

Using for creating bootable CD.

You can make your own bootable CDs using boot image files created by MagicISO. Most CD-recording programs have a boot from image option, which allows you to specify a boot image. To create a bootable CD, you need to make an image of a bootable disk, save it in bif format, and add it to the ISO files for making a bootable ISO file in MagicISO.  

Making backup copies of your favourite CDs

You can use MagicISO  to backup your favourite CDs, including  files, folders, attributes and any other system-specific data. You can do that by making ISO file from the original CDs. When you need to restore the original CDs, simply open that ISO files in MagicISO and burn it to CD.


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