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Using MagicISO to decompress UIF image.

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Since MagicISO version 5.3.199 and later supports UIF image, you can save your disk space when backuping your CD/DVD.

1. Run MagicISO

2. Click Menu "Tools"->"Decompress CD/DVD image ..."

3. Enter source UIF file name

4. Enter output file name.

Please ignore the file extension, MagicISO will automatically append the extension to the output file name.

5. Click "Decompress" button to start decompressing progress.

6. Before start to decompress UIF image, MagicISO will verify UIF image first. at this time, It will prompt you to enter password if this UIF image is encrypted. Just click "ok" after entering the password.

7. Now MagicISO decompress UIF image.



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