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ISO Editor area include "ISO folder panel" and "ISO files panel" and file  control bar.

ISO folder Panel (Left side)

This panel shows the folder tree of the currently opened ISO file. The folder list is similar to the Windows Explorer folder panel. You can click folders to display their contents in the file panel; or click the '+' or '-' icons to collapse or expand the tree view.

You can resize the folder panel by dragging its right margin with the mouse. you can select and drag folder from tree to the file panel or to Windows Explorer to move ,cut extract these ISO folder. 

  • Load boot image information from BOOT-IMAGE file and set boot image information to the current opened file.
  • Remove boot image information.
  • Save boot image information to BOOT-IMAGE file format.
  • Search files or folder in the selected folder.

ISO File Panel (Right side)

The File Panel shows files and folders contained in the ISO file. It is similar to the Windows Explorer file panel. You can select and drag files and folders from the list to the desktop or to Windows Explorer to extract them; or double-click on files to view them.

  • navigate to the upper directory level
  • Add files to ISO file
  • Add directories to ISO file
  • Create new folder in ISO file
  • delete files or directories from ISO file
  • rename files or directories
  • Extract files and directories to disk. 
  • Search files or folder in the selected folder.



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