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Using MagicISO to make bootable CD

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Before making bootable CD, please prepare a bland CD-R or CD-RW disc.

  • Click button on toolbar to open "bootable option" dialog.

    make bootable CD

  • Loading the bootable image from floppy disk.

    make bootable cd


    Load multi-bootable image file for creating multi-boot CD. you can create multi-bootable image file by MagicISO. For more detail, Please visit Multiple Bootable CD/DVD Image Editor.

    make bootable CD


    Load exist bootable image file from disk.

    make bootable CD

  • After setting the bootable information into ISO image file, The bootable status of iso image file will be changed to "bootable".

    make bootable CD

  • Drag files or folders from Windows Explorer.
    or click or button for adding files or folders.

  • After complete adding and editing ISO file, click or button for saving to disk.

  • Burns ISO image to CD












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