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MagicISO Menu Commands

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File Menu

  • "New": Create new ISO file.
  • "Open": Open ISO file, and CD/DVD image file.
  • "Save": Save ISO file, and CD/DVD image file.
  • "Save as": Save the image file with new name.
  • "Reopen": User can open recent files.
  • "Properties": open properties of the current ISO file.
  • "Exit": Close MagicISO  

Tools Menu

  • "Make ISO from CDRom": User can use this tool to make own ISO(CD Image file) from CDROM so that user can save CD to user hard disk.
  • "Burn CD with ISO...": Shows Burning dialog to burn ISO file and any CD/DVD image file.
  • "ISO to BIN":       Convert BIN to ISO
  • "BIN to ISO":       Convert ISO to BIN.
  • "Any format to ISO":    convert Any CD/DVD image format (such as IMG,NRG,CIF)  to ISO.
  • "Any format to BIN":  convert any CD/DVD image format (such as IMG,NRG,CIF,BWI,) to BIN/CUE.
  • "Load Boot Image":    Load boot image information from BOOT-IMAGE file and set boot image information to the current opened file.
  • "Save Boot Image":    Save boot image information to BOOT-IMAGE file format.
  • "Clear Boot Image": Remove boot image information.
  • "Make boot image from floppy disk": make BOOT-IMAGE file from floppy disk.

View Menu

  • "Toolbar":     Show or hide toolbar.
  • "Windows Explorer": Show or hide Windows Explorer      


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