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MagicISO allows users to search for files or folders in ISO file or CD/DVD image file. The operation of searching dialog is the same as Windows Searching. For examples, you can search for files and folders by name, type, and date. you can search for files containing specific text.

Parameters of searching

  • Path: specify the path that you want to search.
  • Name: specify the files or folders name that you want to search. Users can use wildcard characters for searching. MagicISO supports a wildcard character is keyboard character such as an asterisk(*) or a question mark(?) that is used to represent one or more characters when you are searching files or folders.

    Wildcard character Uses
    Asterisk (*)

    Use the asterisk as a substitute for zero or more characters. If you are looking for a file that you know starts with "gloss" but you cannot remember the rest of the file name, type the following:


    This locates all files of any file type that begin with "gloss" including Glossary.txt, Glossary.doc, and Glossy.doc. To narrow the search to a specific type of file, type:


    This locates all files that begin with "gloss" but have the file name extension .doc, such as Glossary.doc and Glossy.doc.

    Question mark (?)

    Use the question mark as a substitute for a single character in a name. For example, if you type gloss?.doc, you will locate the file Glossy.doc or Gloss1.doc but not Glossary.doc.

  • Text to find: Searching for the files containing the specified text.
  • Day after: Searching for files or folders created after the specified day.
  • Day before: Searching for files or folders created before the specified day.
  • Include Sub folder: searching for files or folder in the specified path and its child folders.

Operation on searching result

  • Open contained folder: Navigate to the selected folder or the folder containing the selected files.
  • Extract: Extract selected files or folders.
  • View: Run the selected files or view the selected folders.
  • View with notepad.exe: View the selected files by notepad.exe
  • Rename: Rename the selected files or folders.
  • Delete: Delete the selected files or folders.
  • Select All: Select all searching result.



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